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The Library of the Casa dell'Architettura in Latina specializes in the architecture of the twentieth century.

Currently, the library collects and makes available to the public over 2900 publications, including books (about 1070 volumes) and issues of magazines (about 1850, of 100 different titles).

Additional funds have already acquired, are being catalogued and will be available soon.

Remarkable is the presence of periodicals of the 1930s and texts relating to architecture and urban affairs between the wars.

About historical magazines, see also the project of digitization in the Collections » Magazines section on the website.

The Catalogue of the Library of the Casa dell'Architettura can be found on the Internet. We suggest that you use 'Ricerca guidata' (Guided Search) mode.

Due to software change, the new opac is currently under construction. Please, feel free to contact library for more information on its collections.

The library is open to the public by appointment, at the Institute in Via Urbano Rattazzi No 2, in Latina.

For more information:
Casa dell'Architettura - Istituto di cultura urbana Onlus
Via Urbano Rattazzi No. 2 - 04100 - Latina - ITALY
Tel./Fax (39)0773.473.146

Web http://www.casadellarchitettura.eu
Opac http://www.winiride.it/dblatina2/iridem.htm
Email: biblioteca@casadellarchitettura.eu

This page was last modified on 1 february 2013.