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rivista del sindacato nazionale fascista architetti

Architectural magazine published in Milan by Treves-Treccani-Tuminello (1932-33), by Fratelli Treves (1934-38) and by Aldo Garzanti (1939-43). Directed by Marcello Piacentini was the organ of the Fascist National Union of Architects.
The publication was discontinued in April 1943.

45 issues (1932-1938)

rivista mensile di architettura e decorazione

Monthly magazine published in Milan and directed by Giovanni Rocco. In 1940 it merged with "Architettura".

49 issues (1929-1934)


(1929-to be continued)
Quarterly linoleum magazine published in Milan by  Modiano.
Ernesto Giorgi, editor; Paul Moser, art director.

14 issues (1933-1953)

rivista di arte e storia
organo del Sindacato Nazionale Architetti

Magazine of art and history, published by Bestetti Tuminello-Milan.
Founded in 1921, was directed by Gustavo Giovannoni until 1927. Later it became the official organ of the
Fascist National Union of Architects and  Alberto Calza Bini took over the leadership.
In 1931 the magazine ceased publishing and is transformed into "Architettura" directed by Marcello Piacentini.
20 issues (1926-1931)

rivista dell'Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica

(1928-to be continued)
Bimonthly magazine of the National Institute of Urban Planning directed by Pietro Betta (1932) and Armando Melis (1932-1944).
 Magazine first published in Turin as the Piemonte section of the INU and later in Rome.

22 issues (1934-1962)


(1928-to be continued)
Magazine of architecture and decorative arts founded in 1928, published in Milan by Editoriale Domus .
Until 1940 was directed by Gio Ponti and later by Bontempelli, Pagano and Bega. In the period 1943-45 was directed by M. Bega.

45 issues (1929-1955)


Monthly magazine published in Milan by Editoriale Domus.
Directed by Guido Marangoni until 1929 and until 1932 by Bonfiglioli.
From 1933 it becomes "Casabella" under the direction of Giuseppe Pagano.

8 issues (1928-1931)


The magazine was directed by G. Pagano. Edoardo Persico was member of editorial and then  co-editor until 1936, the year of his death.
Since 1938 it turns in "Casabella-Costruzioni" and then in "Costruzioni-Casabella".

7 issues (1933-1937)


"Casabella-Costruzioni" and then "Costruzioni-Casabella" ceases stopped of the order of the Ministry of Popular Culture in December 1943 (issue  Nr. 191/192) after its director Pagano was imprisoned and deported.

19 issues (1938-1943)


"Casabella-ContinuitÓ" came out in January 1954. Initially it was a bimonthly magazine directed by Ernesto Nathan Rogers. Rogers who was editor  until January 1965. From January 1959 it was a monthly review. From August 1965 until May 1970, the editor was Gian Antonio Bernasconi, while the title of the magazine back to being "Casabella".

47 issues (1954-1965)

rivista internazionale d'architettura

Journal of Architecture and Urbanism founded in Rome as organ of the Association for Organic Architecture (APAO), co-directed by Luigi Piccinato and Mario Ridolfi  and edited by Sandron (1947-1948); later published in Milan with the title of "Metron Architettura" for the ComunitÓ Editions of Adriano Olivetti (1951-1954). Since 1955, it continues with "L'architettura: cronache e storia".

8 issues